Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty is performed when scaring or corneal disease involves the front half of the cornea. The posterior part of the cornea is retained avoiding the risk of rejection. The commenst indication being advanced Keratoconous The goal of DALK is to retain the endothelial layer of the host if it is worth preserving.


  • Closed eye Surgery
  • No Chance of blinding Endothelial rejection
  • Chances of bleeding & infection inside the eye greatly reduced
  • Reduces the use of anti rejection medications that can cause glaucoma & cataracts
  • Sutures can typically be removed in about 6-9 months vs 12 months or more for a full thickness transplant
  • The would heals faster ,because anti rejections meds are used only for a short time
  • A Penetrating Keratoplasty can be performed if visual results are not satisfactory