C3R is indicated for patients having documented progressive kertoconus & involves applying Ultraviolet (A) to the cornea in a controlled fashion

The C3R treatment is performed in Just 20 to 3o minutes. The following are the steps in which it is carried out
  • Custom made riboflavin eye drops are applied to the cornea,which is then activated by ultraviolet light
  • Following this the cornea is anaesthetized using drops
  • The mucous surface of the cornea is disrupted and then Riboflavin drops are placed in the eye every few minutes. The yellow pigment of the Riboflavin absorbs the UV(A) light,increasing the amount of collagen cross linking in the cornea & strengthening it.
  • Once the procedure is completed , a soft bandage contact lens will be placed in the eye and antibiotics will be instilled
  • The contact lens will be removed in one or two days after healing of the epithelium

Advantages of C3R

  • Simple non – invasive treatment
  • Halts the progress & causes some regression
  • No Stitches
  • No incisions
  • Quick recovery