KN Vibhakar
MR No: 1219

Very well maintained and good consultation by Dr.Sri lakshmi

G Uday Bhaskar
MR No: 7012

Hospitality great , Doctors reception heart touching and overall very good centre,hope continues in the same way

Amritha Sridhar
MR No: 6697

Excellent ambience and good to see,good doctor services

R Dhruva Karthikeya
MR No: 6838

we are totally satisfied with Dr.Aloka Madam

MR No: 5283

Excellent right from front desk to consultation ,Never felt like that it is a clinic ,keep it up

Ayush Agarwal
MR No: 6595

Great Hospital and wonderful Doctors

Harsha Agarwal
MR No: 6598

Great Hospital and wonderful Doctors

R Suguna
MR No: 7093

Good ambience , Neat and Hygenic , well organised and scheduliry system is good

M Saikrishna
MR No: 6642

I have very much satisfied with consultation and nice doctors

Eshrath Fathima
MR No: 5317

It’s a very good experience , As I feel comfortable with in the premises and staff ,Specially Dr.Nitesh.

Mohan Raju
MR No: 6600

I was very well received by Doctors and Consultants and staff . I was satisfied with their suggestions.

Shyamal Hawaldar
MR No: 6533

I saw the Dr.Nitesh Narayan is very good.

M Subramanyan
MR No: 5407

This is the best eye hospital , I have ever visited and please keep it up. I know you will good ,that you have not given any chance to suggest any improvement.You are so good.

B sreenivasulu
MR No: 6530

Excellent Hospital , Good keep it up.This has Hygenic equipment and peace surroundings.I liked it.

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