Praveen Yalla

I visited the hospital on 29/04/17 to get treatment to my father Vijay kumar with MR No :-18273 for the first time from Vizinagaram City (Andhrapradesh)

Awesome service they provided to me.
The hospital environment is looking like star hotel very good maintenance and very very reasonable prices for consultation and testes to all category families and I like the polite behavior of staff and especially the doctors are too genuine and honest regarding treatment . hospital contains highly advanced and expensive machinery.

I Really Thank Dr SREELAKSHMI NIMMAGADDA Garu & Dr Hari Narayan Prasad Garu from the bottom of my heart ..

Swetha Kondragunta

My husband gone through LASIK surgery yesterday. It was a fantastic service and treatment right from the moment we stepped in to the hospital till the final follow up visit. Dr Sreelakshmi was fantabulous and cheering personality which hardly any doctors i have seen have. All staff service was great. Can not complain. Highly recommended.

anirudh bellamkonda

I got femto lasik in win vision under the supervision of Dr. Sri Lakshmi and her team. Lasik Technician Ravi and staff were helpful , friendly and assisted me during the lasik procedure start to end. Their supervision and assistance were homely and helped me through out the surgery.

Vijay Kondragunta

I had my eye vision correction via LASIK one week ago. I am glad I did the research before finally picked Win Vision for my eye surgery. Fantastic service right from counselling by Ms Sangeeta, surgery by awesome doctor Dr Sreelakshmi Nimmagadda and follow through by Mr Ravi Kumar Reddy. Appreciate their and Won Vision is highly recommended.
Thanks all
Vijay Kumar Kondragunta
Melbourne, Australia

sowri kumar

I had femito lasik surgery at Win Vision 1month back, at win vision. I do not want to write review on the process because it is a normal procedure if you go to any eye hospital which is providing the service it can be done.

But I will write this review on Dr. Sri Lakshmi Nimmagadda, I respect her from bottom of my heart for the support she has given. Just follow her instructions pre and post surgery it is more than enough. The level of patience and explaining things I bet you will not get any where.

I do not know whether this review helps you or not but definitely the work and service you provided is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Venkata Kv


Alekhya Komaravolu

I was planning to undergo laser treatment for eye correction,have heard about this hospital through a family doctor who suggested that Dr.Sreelakshmi is very well experienced in laser treatments.When I visited the hospital(very peaceful environment) was very happy after I came to know that my eyes are suitable for PRK treatment.I am also happy for the cashless hospitalization here.During surgery Dr.Sreelakshmi and her staff(Ravi) gave me lot of boosting,strength and the surgery was painless.Now My vision is almost recovered,so much excited as I dont need to wear any specs or contact lens :).Thanks for taking pre and post operative care Dr.Sreeelakshmi and lasik team :) ,Please do visit this hospital if you are planning for lasik surgery.

Lohith Mudholkar

Excellent service with care, delivered by Dr. N Sreelakshmi and staff members.
Had experience with Advanced and latest equipment.

Kamesh Mantri

I had very great experience with Winvision for my young daughter. Dr. Aloka had answered all our queries with utmost patience. I strongly recommend her for children

Naveena Singh

I have got my vision correction by Dr.Sreelakshmi , she was so caring and friendly .The hospitality of the staff is amazing. They helped me to avail cashless hospitalization.The best part is even after the surgery they were so caring

pravallika lagisetty

Thank you so much to Dr Sreelakshmi Nimmagadda and team for the excellent and best in class Lasik treatment. Win vision is one of the best eye care hospital I visited in the recent times with the latest equipment, hygiene, and friendly environment. Good job team and once again thanks to Dr Sreelakshmi for the special care and support.

Lavanya Kumar

Doctors are professional. We had a casual check-up with Dr Srilakshmi. She is professional and caring! We will wish the team and the hospital all good luck!


I had been to Win Vision Eye Hospital , Truly Professional well maintained, warm and friendly, with the state of art equipment to cater to all the Eye ailments and surgeries in the most luxurious environment . I have known Dr Nitesh Narayan for the last so many years , he along with his other very experienced,Skilled colleagues brings lot of confidence for the clients visiting this one of a kind Eye Hospital in Green lands . It truly contributes to the CIty of Hyderabad which has become the Destination to all the people across the country seeking Excellence in Medical care be it Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology , Gastro Enterology and most importantly ophthalmology

Santhosh Kumar

The best thing I liked about the hospital doctors and the staff is that they make you feel comfortable(which regular eye hospitals lack; rather they make you nervous), talk politely, advice the right thing.......

Dr. Nithish narayan is awesome.....

sohail shaik

Doctor nitesh is a wonderful doctor. We had met him at maxi Vision. We came to win Vision to consult Dr nitesh. His highly knowledgeable and very patient friendly.
Tnq Mr Nithesh narayan...

Manisha Tadikonda

I got my PRK surgery done at Win Vision in Dec'15 by Dr. N. Sreelakshmi garu. She was very friendly and really caring through out. I experienced no pain post surgery, thanks to her. All in all, excellent doctors and caring staff.

Bharath Raja

Customer service was good and hospital was very neat n clean.

santosh matam

Best hospital for glaucoma,Doctors are extremely knowledgable.especially dr nilanjana deb is the number one doctor in india who has done extensive research on glaucoma and probably the only dr in india to have performed ultrasound procedure to treat glaucoma


Consulted Dr. Sri Lakshmi garu She was very friendly and really caring about me even after PRK surgery. its the best hospital for who's looking for LASIK and PRK surgery's and last but not least Staff is doing a fabulous job.

priti sahgal

Consulted Dr. Nitesh Narayen on 10 Sept 2016. Brilliant Service - both by Dr. Nitesh Narayen and staff. They are approachable, friendly and have a very good attitude!

Sreedhar Gudugunti

I have visited hospital for my six-year-old son emergency eye surgery. Win Vision Eye Hospital is well equipped, entire staff is courteous; facilities are clean like US hospitals. Doctors are true professionals and the care received from Nitesh Narayen for my son is Jakas (A grade).

Dhanunjay Kumar

Experienced staff and complete infrastructure for eye made me to visit the hospital again and again.

Kamini Prabhakar

Service oriented. Excellent care by docs n staff too. Beautiful ambience! Keep it up!!!

Ravi Teja

Time management was good, Doctors were unbelievably good and what I like the most is the solemnity they show towards patients. Better hospital to go for Lasik.

pramuc chandra

It is one of the best hospitals..it is very clean and well maintained with good parking and they are having one of the best and most experienced doctors without any doubt and advanced equipments they have than any other hospital...everyone can trust blindly this hospital with our life in their hands...its the best one...

nagaraju kankanala

I've consulted Dr Aloka for my one year old son eye operation.we are happy with the results.

Reddy Gaddam

Dr. SreeLakshmi is awesome doctor suggest best procedure for eye surgery.

Sirisha Katragadda

Dr. Nitesh at Win Vision hospital is an excellent ophthalmologist who is very patient and takes care of every minute detail ,I highly recommend him as he is approachable and even Win Vision is a good hospital ,highly appreciate it's maintenance.

Anand Murali Mohan

Got my mother treated or the cataract for both the eyes by Dr. Nitesh Narayan . His patience in answering the queries and explanation makes the patient comfortable and relaxed. Very good experience and recommend Dr Nitesh and his approach towards patient is commendable.

subhash raju

I honestly suggest Win Vision hospitals from bottom of my heart.
14th November ,2016. Is a rebirth to me for having Femito Lasik (bladefree) surgery by Dr.sri lakshmi nimmagada mam.
She is an expertise eye specialist in doing lasik surgery's without any pain , i personally experienced it . She is so caring & patient , listened all my problems and suggested the best . I recommend win vision hospitals to experience friendly environment with care .
Win Vision hospital's is equipped with worlds latest technology with a good supporting staff and international standards infrastructure .
I asked many of friends and relatives to suggest me a best one ,most of them suggested Win Vision is the best compared to other commercial money minded hospitals ,even NGO hospitals saying that they are thinking about public welfare but doesn't consider the patient properly . Where as win vision hospital is not money minded they prefer the best at reasonable price by considering patient financial credibility. Thats the thing i liked the most.
Go and visit Win Vision hospitals without any doubts you will experience the best .

hasita mucherla

I had underwent bladefree lasik operation (wavefront techonology)last month 20th..Dr.Sreelakshmi was so caring and friendly right from my first visit.She has explained me so well about the type of operations and technologies in existence. And this really helped me to choose one among which suits my eye. The hospitality of the staff is amazing and the cleanliness is extraordinary..

Surekha Gorantla

Win Vision is a very nice hospital. We had a premature baby at 32 weeks . Neonatologist has suggested us for ROP screening for new born baby since the baby is premature.We went to Win Vision hospital for the same.Dr Aloka Headu is a nice doctor. She explained us everything about ROP screening. By god grace my baby eye vision is fine. Everyone who has a premature baby should go for ROP screening. We can know many things in advance if any problem for new born babies and correct the same as we have many advanced treatments available.

Ramamohan Rao Ayalasomayajula

I have taken an appointment with Dr Srilakshmi. N on 1.10.2016 for a regular review. I had a nice experience in the hospital. Right from the Reception counter to the end point(Doctor) at every step the staff/technicians are very enthusiastic and helpful to me( suffering from another dreaded disease). All are on their heels to come forward and help which is a real service. The hospital deserves every praise and I wholeheartedly appreciate the service. May God bless the hospital with all prosperity and success.

Arun Kumar

Good doc...With humanity to serve. Doc=service=Dr sreelaxmi...D grt doctor I've ever seen....

Naveen Kumar

I got PRK done at Winvision in Jan 2017 while i was in hyderabad on a vacation. Dr Niteesh was very good and i highly recommend him, he was very friendly, skilled and available even via whatsapp for any questions. Everything went very smooth, staff is very nice and hospital is very clean.

Dhatri karanam

Its my great pleasure to write this review for the Doctors and the staff of Win Vision Eye Hospitals. My overall experience has been wonderful. I couldnt recommend it anymore than I already have, to people still wearing contact lenses and spectacles. Everyone is really nice from receptionist to the whole team. They make you feel very comfortable and they are very caring.

Doctors are very friendly and explain the whole procedure and give ample information before surgery. Im so pleased with the whole procedure and the result. The procedure did not last more than half an hour with very mild pain and irritation which lasted just for one day. Just not putting my spectacles every morning or not worrying about contact lenses anymore is so great!

Special thanks to Dr. Sree Lakshmi , whom I know since many years , known for her professionalism and her superb care and expertise.

Thankyou so much Win Vision! I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Shailesh Agarwal

Dr.Nitesh Narayen is the best doctor, and Winvision eye hospital is best in the state. he was so friendly right from my first visit. he has explained me about the procedure and technolgy involved. The hospitality of the staff is amazing and the cleanliness is extraordinary....

Simplers Project

Dr. Nilanjana Deb is one of the most amazing Glaucoma specialists in this country.. she is immensely efficient & caring. As a whole Winvision doctors, staffs & hospital ambience is magnificent. I highly recommend it.

vishal kumar

Dr.Sreelakshmi is the best doctor, she was so caring and friendly right from my first visit. She has explained me so well about the type of operations and technologies in existence. And this really helped me to choose one among which suits my eye. The hospitality of the staff is amazing and the cleanliness is extraordinary..

Veena KKS

Very good help desk. All are well mannered. Felt so happy with the service.
Dr. Nitish Narayan is really down to earth in his attitude.
We will get genuine test results and they will not encourage unnecessary tests.
Specs/glasses cost is bit high in range but worth taking it. No complaints at all. I took my both parents and suggested few of my friends too.

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