As a pediatric ophthalmologist, there are many moments in my clinical practice that warm my heart and bring a smile on my face. One such moment was when a 5 months old baby girl was brought to me with parents observing the child’s eyes shaking all the time. The child had yet not seen the mother’s face, much to the agony of the mother. 


When I saw the child I realized that she had a condition called congenital cataract affecting vision in both her eyes. This led to nystagmus (involuntary to and fro movement of the eyes)that was further decreasing the vision. The way ahead was to do a surgery to remove the cataractous lens. She underwent surgery in both her eyes and was given glasses and vision therapy. 

Today the baby has grown into a 4 yrs old bright and naughty girl. She reads a lot and has started developing a passion for painting! Each time she comes for a visit to the hospital she brings in one of her paintings for me, in gratitude. The parents are always thankful and share the story with others as an inspiration.    


I feel blessed to be able to touch many a young lives and give them a gift of vision. Such a success story is possible for only a few children who are detected and managed in the critical period of visual development. For the others, years of needless blindness looms over the family. If you see any child not seeing properly or squinting make sure the parents take him/her to a pediatric ophthalmologist at the earliest.


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